Seven Steps to Success Guide

Convincing others you need a strategy

Creating a digital marketing strategy and plan is no different from creating any other marketing plan, in fact it’s increasingly strange to have separate plans for ‘digital’ and ‘offline’ since that’s not how your customers perceive your business.

However, we’re often required to separate plans for “creating a digital strategy” based on the way teams and reporting are managed and to help the transformation to digital organisations – before digital marketing becomes integrated as “business as usual”.

At the start of this guide we have to face the reality that many organisations don’t have a digital marketing strategy at all. Many organisations are doing digital marketing, but few.

Here are a recommendations of key strategy to transform your business into digital marketing driven.

Strategy Recommendation [1] : Create a specific digital marketing plan and roadmap!
Create a detailed digital marketing plan defining the digital channel strategy for each major market / proposition to provide focus and direction for the future.
Strategy Recommendation [2] : Ensure your plan is integrated
Although you need a separate digital plan to help you create a strategy it’s important to keep it well integrated. That means supporting common business goals and consistent with brand and communication strategy.
Strategy Recommendation [3] : Define the scope & labelling of digital-strategy
Define which customer touchpoints and channels need managing as part of a digital strategy so the scope of digital marketing is clear amongst your coworkers and with your agencies. Depending on your type of organisation and terminology you may label the strategy differently, we have seen of all these working with different organisations.
Strategy Recommendation [4] : Give your strategy focus
You won’t be able to do everything, so your strategy should focus on what will make the biggest difference.

STEP ONE >> Define your structure for managing digital strategy
STEP TWO >> Review your marketplace opportunity
STEP THREE >> Define your future: Vision, Objectives and KPIs
STEP FOUR >> Strategy: Targeting
STEP FIVE >> Strategy: Proposition
STEP SIX >> Strategy: New customer acquisition
STEP SEVEN >> Strategy: Keeping customers engaged and loyal

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